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KIDS N STYLE (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD(KNS) is a Malaysian company and a subsidiary of Everwood Processing Sdn Bhd (FACTORY) who specializes in manufacturing and marketing children furniture since 2005.  The set up of KNS was part of the expansion plan by the factory in order to provide more personalized and professional sales and marketing services/operations for both local and export customers.

Our Background

Everwood was incorporated on December 13, 1995, in Kedah State, north of Peninsular Malaysia.  For more than ten years, Everwood has evolved from a mere Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM)  concern to become an Original Design Manufacturer(ODM).  Currently, our factory is sitting on our own property that consists of 2 factory buildings with total area of 40,000 square feet. Another 20,000 square feet for storage of raw materials and finished goods before loading which located behind the main factory.  Its facilities now include the CNC, routers, silkscreening and semi auto spraying system which allows the Factory to carry out all production processes under one roof. 

The Products

We specialize in medium to high end children furniture and have been exporting our products to markets such as the USA, Australia, Europe, Japan & Korea.  In year 2004, after careful study of local market, we created several range of attractive bedroom series.  We truly believe that our unique themes will help in enhancing the living space and thus creating conducive environment for the ever challenging tasks of bringing up our children today.

KNS promotes quality children furniture that places children safety in its utmost priority.  All the products are carefully designed to meet and comply with the international standards of specifications such as non-toxic paint, smooth and round edges, stability, durability and many specific safety measures to minimize any possible injury that may occur. 

Materials used are mainly Medium Density Fiber Board (MDF), Rubber Wood and  Melamine / Veneer Laminated Wood.  Only Non-Toxic Paint is used and CMYK technique in silkscreening has added value in terms of appearance.  Eventually KNS aims to enhance the fun atmosphere in the world of children and thus help create the happy family.
KNS uses Knock-Down (KD) systems when it comes to packaging to be more cost effective in terms of logistics and KD is very much in line with the more educated and affluent market where Do-It-Yourself (DIY) concept is well accepted.

Research & Development

Our team consists of 1 Art Director, 1 technical Consultant, 1 Operation Manager, 1 Marketing Director and 1 Quality Control who has involved and experience in the kids furniture industry for at least 5 years and above.  We spent 2-3% of our total revenues annually into this sector to create and improve new and existing products to all our customers over the years of business.

Every year, we participate in international trade fairs/exhibitions not only to introduce our new products, but also to explore new ideas, acquire new product knowledge and keep ourselves abreast.  In additions, we believe in communicating with our customers and suppliers from time to time to exchange ideas, hence to learn from each other.
Customer Base-Overseas

KidKraft – USA
One of the leading children furniture wholesaler/importer in USA who has  established a large(wide) range of innovative and durable kids furniture for more than 10 years.  They specialize in supplying kids furniture to several recognized retailers such as Toys R Us, J C Penny in US and also are hosting their own on-line shopping mall world wide.  Currently, they have more than 60 suppliers from all over the world and we are nominated as one of their top five suppliers. 

Our factory started business with KidKraft since the beginning of both companies. Over the years, our business turnover between the two has grown from less than USD100,000 to over USD 1 million annually today.

A famous brand originated from South Africa, Treehouse is specialized in bedding, nursery and kids furniture.  With Treehouse, our factory besides playing the role as supplier, we also assist in product development. The products we supply include   baby cots, changing tables and other nursery furniture.  And the range for pre-teen and teenager is even wider, there are tables, cabinets, single beds, storage boxes and alike.  The mutual business has been going on for more than 4 years now, turnover with Treehouse has increased from USD100,000 to USD400,000, and growth is still in sight moving forward.

 SARL P.L.-France
A prominent importer/whosaler in France for nursery furniture such as cots, change table, wardrobes and etc., SARL P.L. is a new customer.  So far, a few nursery furniture items were developed and shipped to them this year. 


Local Markets

KNS has got 6 – 8 series of bedroom sets which already been introduced into the local markets and are available in several furniture and baby shops.  KNS obtains a wholesale license from Mattel South East Asia for manufacturing and wholesaling the Barbie furniture in Malaysia for 2006-2007.

In the coming years, we aim to expand our market shares for children furniture sector in Malaysia.  Also, as consumers become more educated, the overall household income has also increased. Hence, better living environments for baby and children becomes more important, that results in increasing demand in higher quality for baby and kid furniture. 

Besides creating our range of bedroom series in Malaysia, in year 2001, we also involved in the Government Kemas Project i.e. supplying the commercial kids furniture.  The Kemas Project was to set up 1000 nurseries in the rural areas around Malaysia.  Nursery cares and pre-school educations provided are meant for kids up to 6 years old.  In this project, we supplied all the pre-school furniture such as tables, chairs, cabinets, storage furniture and etc.

Currently, we are also one of short-listed suppliers by Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri (JPN), a government agent to supply the nursery furniture to all the existing and up coming kindergartens all over Malaysia.

New Ventures

KNS will tide up with a few manufacturers in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam to develop and produce exclusive designs of new products such as mini sofas, bedding and other soft lines alike for baby and kids in the near future.

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